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Kākā flying over the Bark Bay/Wairima estuary or chattering in the trees have become a new eye-catching spectacle on the Abel Tasman National Park coast. This spring, 24 kākā were released there as part of Project Janszoon which with DOC is restoring the park’s ecology. Motueka Ranger Dan Arnold, one of the DOC team that works for Project Janszoon, tells the behind the scenes story of getting the kākā to the bay.

It’s fantastic to see the kākā flying around Bark Bay and visitors seem to really enjoy them.

Kākā used to be seen in large numbers in the Abel Tasman but predators had driven down their numbers and it was believed only a few males were left.

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The Paparoa Track, New Zealand’s 10th Great Walk, opens on 1 December 2019. It’s already proving popular and bookings are filling up fast.

Keen to bike the track on a particular date, but can’t get a bed in Moonlight Tops Hut? Don’t despair – you can still mountain bike the Paparoa Track without stopping for the night at Moonlight Tops.

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If you’re hiking or biking the Paparoa Track, keep your eyes open. And not just for the stunning views – many rare and wonderful native species live around the Paparoa Track.

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