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Ipipiri- the eastern Bay of Islands

Ipipiri - the eastern Bay of Islands

Project Island Song is on its way! Now that all the stoats and rats have gone from the eastern Bay’s islands, the Guardians of the Bay of Islands, a local community group, can get on with the job of planting trees and bringing back the birds.

After a day's hard work creating the Project Island Song Centre

After a day's hard work creating the Project Island Song Centre

Here I am (middle left) with Guardians of the Bay of Islands volunteers and families in front of the newly revamped Project Island Song Centre, in Otehei Bay on Urupukapuka Island.

Lots of hard work was done that weekend bringing light back to a cold grey building. The launch of the centre is today – just ahead of Conservation Week. Over a hundred people including kids from three local schools, kaumatua and kuia from the local community as well as DOC and ExploreNZ staff and others passionate about restoring the islands, will be helping to celebrate this occasion.

The Centre, staffed by Guardians volunteers, will be opening at Labour Weekend. So  come and visit! But before you leave the mainland, you can do your bit to keep these islands pest-free – please stop, check your gear for pests (rats, mice, stoats, ants, weed seeds) and then go!

Want to know more about Project Island Song? Go to:

The energetic rangers I work with in the Recreation Team at the Bay of Islands area office really spark at this time of year – it’s when they begin visiting some of the most beautiful locations in the Bay so they can spruce up our fantastic trampers’ huts for new season visitors.

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