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Fish arenā€™t nearly as at-risk of ingesting 1080 as the fear mongering posts on social media could lead someone to believe. 1080 operations have no effect on trout, nymphs and native fish, or the water in the streams, rivers and lakes where they live.

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She’s full of laughter, creativity, mischief and adventure. It’s not hard to catch Jane Goodman’s enthusiasm and passion for our freshwater fish.

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Today’s photo of whitebaiters in the surf near Okarito River mouth during the 2006 season, reminds us that theĀ 2014Ā whitebait season is about to get started.

Whitebaiting in the surf near Okarito River mouth, West Coast, New Zealand.

The season runs from 15 August until 30 November, except the West Coast of the South Island when it runs from 1 September until 14 November.

Whitebait are the juveniles of fiveĀ native fishĀ species from the galaxiid family and, while we want you to enjoy your fishing and your fritters, make sure youĀ fish according to the regulationsĀ so that future generations can enjoy them too.