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Dr Aditi Sriram shares her experience investigating disease and mortality in New Zealand sea lions as part of a research team on Enderby Island.

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This week’s photo shows a New Zealand sea lion/rāpoka/whakahao and her pup. It was taken by wildlife photographer, naturalist/writer and conservationist, Tui De Roy.

New Zealand sea lion female and pup. Photo copyright: Tui De Roy. DOC use only.

At the moment DOC is asking for help following the shooting of a New Zealand sea lion on Stewart Island/Rakiura in mid June. If you have any information about this please contact the police or 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).

New Zealand sea lions are critically endangered. They are only found in New Zealand. There are only around 10,000 of them left and their numbers are declining.

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Media release on the DOC website: Critically endangered sea lion shot

Tui De Roy’s The Roving Tortoise website (currently being revamped)