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There has been some good news for the cheeky kea with Dulux recently announcing they will be contributing $150,000 to the Kea Conservation Trust nest monitoring programme over the next three years as they continue to build upon their partnership with DOC.

A kea in flight displaying colourful feathers. Photo: Mat Goodman.

This photo by Mat Goodman shows the amazing colours found in kea feathers

In addition to that funding, Dulux will also be raising funds through through the sale of specially marked promotional pails of paint, with one dollar being donated to the Kea Conservation Trust with every pail purchase.

Artwork from the Dulux promotional kea paint pails.

Sample artwork for promotional pails. Look out for them at a store near you!

Dulux’s involvement in the Kea Nest Monitoring Programme means the programme can continue, and grow into other areas to improve our knowledge about how well predator control is working and how quickly kea are declining in areas without predator control.

Female kea and chick in their nest. Photo: Corey Mosen.

Female kea and chick in their nest. Photo: Corey Mosen

Dulux began working together with DOC under the Protecting Our Place partnership this year to help protect and preserve huts all around New Zealand. By supporting programmes to protect our wildlife and backcountry shelters, Dulux is helping to ensure that our future generations can experience the unique sights and sounds of New Zealand.

There are many reasons why I’m excited about Dulux partnering with DOC to protect New Zealand’s backcountry huts.

Firstly, I’m excited that we have a new partner investing in conservation. As Ecclesiastes says: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.” In other words, together we can achieve more – and we all want more conservation.

Secondly, as an avid (but amateur) interior decorator and home renovator, I’ve personally been in a relationship with Dulux for years. And while a lot of people don’t love work spilling into their private lives, most of us would agree that it’s pretty great to have the things we enjoy in our private lives spill into work.

Three images: Elizabeth surrounded by her personal collection of Dulux paint pots, an image of Dulux paint pots stacked on top of one another and an image of Elizabeth's collection of paint swatch cards.

A small sample of Dulux from my personal collection. And despite what it looks like, my husband didn’t decapitate me and artfully place my head on our bucket of Dulux Ceiling White!

Thirdly, to celebrate this new partnership, there’s a competition. Winning would be amazing (who wouldn’t want a fabulous, fully hosted wilderness weekend for two in Mt Aspiring National Park?!) but the cool thing is that creating an entry is actually a fun experience in itself – so you really can’t lose! You should have a go:

Head to the Protecting Our Place website, summon your creative genius, paint a DOC hut (virtually of course – none of that annoying real life preparation or messy clean-up), and be in to win.

Tarn Ridge Hut: Photos before painting and after painting.

Tarn Ridge Hut: Some real life before and after photos to inspire you

So, hopefully by now you’re as excited as me about putting the colours of New Zealand to work for conservation!

Protecting our place text with Dulux and DOC logos.