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By John Carter, trapping contractor for DOC, Te Anau.

It’s the weekend and I am working but my son Jasper, aged five, loves to help. I am trapping possums on the Milford Track.

John Carter and Jasper tramping to Green Lake Hut.

John and son Jasper tramping

Jasper joins me for the final 20 of the 600 possum kill traps that need checking. The Sentinel traps have proven very successful on this check with over 300 possums caught.

A sentinel trap on the Milford Track.

A sentinel trap

And then it happens – somewhere between trap 580 and 590. Jasper alerts me to his first ever wobbly tooth and while eating a muesli bar it disappears from his mouth.

Jasper on the Clinton River swing bridge, Milford Track.

Where’s my tooth?

Jasper is distraught. Not because the tooth has fallen out – but because it has gone. Lost! How will the tooth fairy find it? Will the tooth fairy be cross with me he asks. Not if we write a letter to her explaining what happened I say. So, Jasper writes this letter to the tooth fairy and the real reason why he is so concerned is revealed!

“Dear tooth fairy,
I am sorry I lost my tooth on the famous Milford Track. You will find it there.
Can I still have my money please?
Love Jasper”

Jasper minus a tooth in front of the Milford Track sign.

Jasper minus a tooth!