DOC’s picks for Christmas gifts

 —  12/12/2011

Stuck for ideas on what to gift your loved ones with this silly season? Looking for something for the person who has everything? Why not have yourself a merry little conservation themed Christmas this year, and take some ideas from these suggestions.

A Great Walk experience

Lauren, Alannah, Jasmine and Jean had a primo time together doing the Abel Tasman Great Walk

Great Walks are DOC’s premier walks. There are nine spread across the country. They range in length and difficulty, so there’s something for all walkers. The scenery is amazing—some of the best in the country—and the huts and tracks are of a higher standard than other tramping tracks. With a booking system, you can see what’s available and when. Tickets start at $10 depending on season and track. Find out more at

A Backcountry Hut Pass

Sabine Hut

This is the perfect gift idea for those who like to get out and about, or for those exploring New Zealand. You can buy a Backcountry Hut Pass that’s valid for either six months ($92) or twelve months ($122). These give you access to most serviced and standard huts across the country. This means the recipient can choose which tracks/walks they want to go on and when, with the accommodation on you!

A New Zealand native tree

So much more than just a tree in a box

Baby natives make excellent gifts—they can be packaged and presented beautifully and there are a range to choose from. As well as giving the gift of life, you’re also giving an experience, as they require planting once they grow out of their pots. This is a great activity to do with children. Once planted, they also help attract native birds into the garden. See your local nursery, or browse online, for your ideal tree.

Possum merino accessories

Help save our native species—fashionably. Buy your loved ones hats, gloves and scarves made from possum merino. These are extra warm and snugly, and come in a variety of colours and styles. Pests are the biggest threat to our native species, so spread the word on these woolly wonders. Check out your local DOC Visitor Centre for the available range, or browse online.

A bird feeder

Know someone who’s into gardening? Get them one of these and help them turn their yard into a tui playground. There are heaps of designs to choose from so you can pick one that suits the style of all gardens. These are great gifts particularly for city slickers, as a native bird in an urban garden is always nice.