Discover your inner camper

Kurt Sharpe —  26/11/2012

Are you keen to discover your inner camper? Do you want that quintessential kiwi summer camping experience but not too sure how to make it happen or where to go? DOC is here to make it happen!

Discover your inner camper this summer.

Discover your inner camper this summer

DOC campsites cater to a range of campers and camping styles; from lush forest settings, to sandy beaches and shimmering lakes. You can camp in scenic surroundings from as little as $6 per adult per night – or even experience one of our free campsites around the country.

DOC signs on display at a campsite near Craigieburn Forest Park.

Great locations mean there is plenty to see and do

We all have a different image in our minds of what the New Zealand camping experience entails and your own camping getaway will probably depend on your own inner camper type that is waiting to be unleashed.

Whether you are the true outdoors type who likes roughing it, a family of campers who will make the most of camping sites with plenty to see and do, right through to the top end of the scale – “glampers” who don’t want to use a long drop and would rather not go without a shower.

A family play with a cricket set outside their tent.

Don’t forget the cricket set!

So what you are waiting for? Find your own unique camper within!

What you need to know:

• Campsites are divided into categories, based on the facilities provided.

• They are dirt cheap! You’ll pay around $6-$15 per person per night for one of our sought-after campsites, or you can even rough it free of charge in a basic campsite.

• Bookings are required for all Serviced campsites and for some Scenic and Standard campsites in peak season (usually 1 October – 30 April). Most bookings can be made online or at a DOC visitor centre.

• Access to these sites can vary, so make sure you check whether your campervan or motor home can climb that steep gravel road.

• There are campsites in pretty much any setting you desire: by the coast, in the forest, next to rivers and lakes or below huge mountains.

• Sometimes they may be hard to find, but many campsites are in spectacular locations, just waiting for you to find them.

You can download the comprehensive North Island and South Island camping brochures from the DOC website, or drop into any DOC visitor centre to grab a copy for the car glove box.

Brochures are available for camp sites in the North and South Island.

Brochures are available for camp sites in the North and South Island

Check out our summer camping page for more information then find the perfect campsite, get your gear sorted, and go out and enjoy a legendary New Zealand camping experience.

Kurt Sharpe


Kurt helps to share DOC's work with New Zealanders across our various social media channels. Originally from Waitomo, he's now based in DOC's National Office in Wellington.

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    Rachele Mena 05/02/2013 at 11:58 am

    Great, it makes me want to go camping. Thanks for all the info DOC.