Photo of the week: Tussock planting, Lindis Pass

Department of Conservation —  15/05/2013

We’ve decided that once a week we’ll feature a recent beautiful, interesting or inspiring conservation related photo that we’ve come across. Here’s our very first ‘photo of the week’ — it comes from Mark English, author of the blog Two Hoomans and a Spaniel In NZ:

“Today, I went along to a tussock planting day with Lindis Pass conservation group. As most friends know, I love gardening and plants and such, and when I heard about this trip I just had to go, as I love tussocks!”


We love the the amazing backdrop in this photo and the volunteers from the Lindis Pass conservation group working hard to restore the snow tussock so that the area can be enjoyed in its full glory.

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3 responses to Photo of the week: Tussock planting, Lindis Pass


    wow what a great place to do a bit of great conservation work


    It was great Terry – there was a wide age range of people, there I am sure you would have fit in fine! Maybe next time… 🙂 (Mark)

    Terry Maloney 15/05/2013 at 9:28 am

    Good on you guys 🙂 Enjoy the satisfaction (when you have recovered!) you must feel after an effort like this 😀 Wish this (old) tramp(er) could join you.