Visiting ANZAC Memorial Bridge

Nina Mercer —  30/04/2015

With the 100 year commemoration of Gallipoli this year, my children have been intensely studying the ANZAC’s at school.

This gave rise to the discovery of ANZAC Memorial Bridge, just north of Pukaha Mount Bruce, and also the beautiful picture book by Ali Foster, which tells the story of the native longfin eels that live beneath ANZAC Bridge and relates the eels’ journey to the journey of an ANZAC soldier.

ANZAC Memorial Bridge, Kaiparoro. Photo: Russell Street | CC BY-SA 2.0.

ANZAC Memorial Bridge

So, as we drove through the Wairarapa a few weekends back, we took the time to stop and visit the bridge, which is located next to the W.A. Miller Scenic Reserve.

We walked the lovely wide path from the car park down to the bridge.

The walk takes no more than five minutes and there are steps down under the bridge that lead to a great looking swimming hole—the home of the eels in Foster’s story.

The Eels of ANZAC Bridge picture book by Ali Foster.

The Eels of ANZAC Bridge

After taking a moment on the bridge to reflect on its significance, we wandered back to the W.A. Miller Scenic Reserve and decided to explore the 30 minute loop track through the reserve.

While it started out quite open and bare, soon we were in a beautiful stand of remnant native forest with all the lovely smells that go with it.

It was a great way to stretch the legs before continuing our journey.

Nina Mercer's kids on the ANZAC Memorial Bridge.

Checking out the bridge

On Saturday, my boys joined fellow scouts to march in the ANZAC Parade.

Having the chance to visit special memorial sites such as the ANZAC Memorial bridge helps to develop an understanding for them of what they are commemorating.

ANZAC Memorial Bridge. Photo: Dave Ferguson | CC BY-ND 2.0.

The bridge was designed by Alfred Faulkner

The ANZAC Memorial Bridge was designed by Alfred Faulkner who lost both a son and nephew at Gallipolli. More information can be found on the Heritage New Zealand website.

Nina Mercer


Nina is a Partnerships Ranger based in Palmerston North who has worked in conservation for more than twenty years. She has a passion for our natural environment and loves exploring the outdoors, especially with her family.

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    When I was doing a lot of tramping in the earlier part of the 1970s the main road used to go over that bridge. I used to love it. I just hope it gets a spruce up!