Photo of the week: Mohua population gets a boost

Department of Conservation —  21/10/2015

Today’s photo of the week is from last Thursday’s mohua/yellowhead release in Eglinton valley, Fiordland.

The Mohua Charitable Trust supported the transfer, working in partnership with DOC and Ōraka Aparima Rūnanga.

Mohua release in Eglinton valley. Photo: DOC.

A total of 80 birds were transferred from Anchor Island in Dusky Sound to their new home in Eglinton valley.

Mohua would once have numbered in the hundreds in the valley but numbers plummeted due to predation. DOC now undertakes intensive pest control in the valley to keep pest numbers low.

Find out more information about the mohua release on the DOC website.

One response to Photo of the week: Mohua population gets a boost


    Wow they are so pretty. Very exciting to have them back in such a beautiful area.