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The orange fronted parakeet/kākāriki karaka is the rarest of our parakeet/kākāriki species…

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Recently Services Rangers Megan Farley travelled to Blumine Island in the Marlborough Sounds to carry out the biennial monitoring of the island’s orange fronted parakeet population.

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Today’s photo of the week is of a red-crowned parakeet/kākāriki taking a bath in a stream in Rotorua. Kākāriki, means ‘small green parrot’ in Māori.

Kakariki taking a bath.

There are five main species of kākāriki. The red-crowned species is distinguished by a bright crimson forehead, crown and a streak extending back beyond the eyes.

Attacks by introduced predators such as stoats and rats are the main threat to kākāriki.

This photo was taken by Jackson WoodCC BY-NC 2.0.