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In a testament to the power of community-led projects, Fox Glacier has re-opened a new and very special track after a 20-year hiatus, Lake Gault Track.

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We look back at our native species that have captured the attention of the internet world this year.

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It’s in her second nature to rave about our wildlife, Threatened Species Ambassador Nicola Toki updates us on her work around the country.

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Meet DOC’s Rowi Kiwi Team working hard on the West Coast of the South Island to save the world’s rarest kiwi.

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Before starting his Oxford University degree, Austrian Julian Möhlen took some time out to travel and help with conservation work in New Zealand.

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Moving juvenile kiwi from a predator-free crèche island back to their natural range isn’t as straight forward as you might think! DOC Biodiversity Ranger, Ieuan Davies, explains.

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Today kicks off the inaugural Save Kiwi Week, a week to raise both awareness and funds to protect our iconic national bird.

A young rowi kiwi amongst the bush. Photo: Ian Gill.

Okarito South Island brown kiwi (rowi)

You might think that we are doing a pretty good job protecting our national bird. But in reality, 2% of our kiwi population disappears every year. At this rate, we risk kiwi disappearing from the mainland in our lifetime!

Save Kiwi Week runs from 14th-20th of October and is organised by Kiwis for kiwi which is an independent charity that works in partnership with DOC to help fund kiwi conservation work around New Zealand. Their aim for Save Kiwi Week is to raise $100,000 to protect 1,000 kiwis in the wild in October.


Help save kiwi this October 14-20th

There are lots of community activities planned across New Zealand this week, as well as great TradeMe auctions for ‘once in a lifetime’ kiwi experiences and a chance to release a kiwi into the wild with Sir Graham Henry.

Anyone can get involved – including individuals, schools and businesses – and there are fun easy-to-use toolkits filled with activities and fundraising ideas on the Kiwis for kiwi website.

Get involved in the inaugural Save Kiwi Week and together we can help keep our iconic kiwi alive.

Watch a video about communities protecting kiwi: