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We look back at our native species that have captured the attention of the internet world this year.

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Before we put 2013 behind us, let’s take a short stroll through the most popular Conservation Blog posts of 2013.

Last time we did this (in 2011) kākāpō reigned supreme, with nine out of the top ten posts exclusively, or in part, about this much loved New Zealand parrot.

2013 is more varied, which can’t be a bad thing (unless you’re a kākāpō). We’ve got partnerships, DOC staff, camping, tramping, and native species all represented. And, just in case you were wondering, kākāpō did make the cut—but they’re not the only bird.

Let’s take a look…

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What was your favourite?

Our top 10 blog posts for 2013 were chosen based on the number of people who viewed them. Do you think this accurately reflects the best of the blog?

Do you have a personal favourite that you’d like to comment on (that either did or didn’t make it onto our top 10 list)?

We’d also be keen to hear from you if you have ideas about how to improve the blog for 2014. What topics interest you the most? Is our posting schedule (once a day during the working week) about right? Do you prefer in-depth or ‘once over lightly’ type stories?

We’d love to hear from you.

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