Photo of the week: Tike and Cody—rodent detection dogs

Department of Conservation —  16/03/2016

Today’s photo of the week is of rodent detection dogs Tike and Cody, during a working day in Ipipiri/Eastern Bay of Islands.

The rodent detection dogs were brought in after routine monitoring found evidence that rats had managed to make it to four pest-free islands.

Rodent detector dogs Tiek and Cody with handler Angela Newport.

Of the six rats detected, four have been trapped; two on Poroporo Island, one on Urupukapuka Island, and one on Round Island. Single rats remain on both Okahu and Urupukapuka.

The rats were detected using tracking tunnels (an ink pad in a tunnel that shows footprints), wax tags (a wax block that rats chew on) and rodent detection dogs. Control methods include trapping and poisoning.

The rats may have swum to the islands or hitched a ride on a boat. It’s another reminder to clean and check your gear for unwanted pests before visiting pest-free areas.

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    What clever puppies 🙂 Well done team.