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To highlight Takahē Awareness Month, Kapiti Island ranger Genevieve Spargo, tells us the story of Ahoake, the takahē with a broken beak.

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Conservation Week starts today and this year’s theme is “Discover the world where you live” which is all about encouraging New Zealanders to discover the special places in their own backyards.

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Kiwis for kiwi logo.
By Paul O’Shea from Kiwis for kiwi

Save Kiwi Month kicked off yesterday and runs for the entire month of October.

This year, we’re looking at the plight of kiwi through the eyes of children—the generation who could grow up to see the last kiwi disappear from New Zealand.

It’s a wake-up call to all New Zealanders, who we’re keen to see make a donation to help fund the ongoing efforts to protect our national bird and to ensure our kids don’t grow up without kiwi.

North Island brown kiwi. Photo: Eric Carlson | CC BY-NC 2.0.

North Island brown kiwi

The campaign aims to raise $100,000 which is enough to save 1,000 kiwi from pests and predators for an entire year.

This the second national campaign led by Kiwis for kiwi.

Kiwis for kiwi works in partnership with the Department of Conservation with the ultimate goal being to reverse the decline of kiwi by 2018 and see an increase in kiwi population in the future.

North Island brown kiwi.

A bird in the hand

I’m part of a team of two full-time staff based in Auckland, and four contractors working in the field across the North Island.

Being one of only two people in the office means that we have had to rely on a little help from our friends to pull this campaign together, so it is thanks to:

– Hustle & Bustle, our PR Agency, who have developed the concept and creative;

– Augusto who filmed and edited our video; and

– Big Fish Creative in Whangarei for the digital design/production.

Rats—not our national icon.

Rats—not our national icon

You can make an online donation at Kiwis for kiwi or in any BNZ store.

Every $100 raised helps to keep another kiwi safe from pests and predators for an entire year.

Learn more

– Kiwi

– DOC’s partnership with Kiwi for Kiwis